Utah Film Commission 

Comments by Marshall Moore, Director of the Utah Film Commission, at the Utah Film Industry Gala:
October 9th, 2010

Thank you Danny, Thank you Foreclosure Boys for providing this wonderful house.  This is the Utah Film Industry right here, give yourself a hand!  Way to go guys, what a great turnout tonight to be in support of this great event and Utah Film Locations.

I was a location manager for twenty years in the motion picture industry, ten years in Los Angeles and ten years in Utah before joining the staff of the film commission seven years ago.  And services like Utah Film Locations will provide are essential to helping filmmakers get what they need quickly.  One of the hardest things to find and work with as location manager or as a producer is somebody's private residence.  And this service is going to make it a lot easier for producers and locations mangers to quickly find what they're looking for. So well done you guys!

What I really want to say is I really want to applaud these guys, Danny and the Foreclosure Boys, for doing something to enlarge our infrastructure at a time when a lot of people are pulling back or running away.  They stepped up and created a business here that will help strengthen and build our industry.  And from a Film Commission perspective that can only help our efforts.  We've already got information about this company out to our location managers, to our producers, and hopefully they're contacting you or will be contacting you.

Let me give you a brief update on what's happening on a government perspective because the Utah Film Commission is part of the Governor's Office of Economic Development.  I want you to know that Governor Herbert is very supportive of the film industry and so is the Utah State Legislature, as you noticed when they passed our bill two years ago it was almost unanimous.

Well, we have news for you.  And many of you will be hearing this for the first time.  We have been meeting regularly with the Motion Picture Association of Utah and the Motion Picture Advisory Committee and I just spent a week in Los Angeles, two weeks ago, meeting with all the major studios.  And it looks like what we are going to do is present to our legislature at this coming session an increase of going from where we are currently in our incentive program at twenty percent, which is kind of on the low-middle of what other states and countries are offering, to possibly as high as thirty percent! 

I knew that would make you happy.  But it's going to take a lot of work and the work is starting right now.  As a matter of fact on Wednesday, October twentieth, we will make our pitch to the Intern Committee on Capital Hill as we formally make the request and present legislation that will hopefully go through the legislative session and be voted upon so that we can make those necessary changes.

The studios recommended that we go to thirty percent so that we can be in all their discussions.  Right now we're just missing the mark by a little bit.  We're able to get movies here like Darling Companion, which is shooting here.  They have a specific need, they needed the mountains.  So Diane Keaton, Kevin Kline, Lawrence Kasdan, directing/shooting right now.  127 Hours, which is going to come out in November, well they need the locations and it was great that we had the incentive.

But what we're trying to do now is create an incentive that the producers will look at and come to Utah based on the merit of the incentive and not just the fact that we have great rocks, great deserts, and bodies of water.  They'll want to come here because we the incentive and on top of that we have all of you.  And I think that's what makes Utah great is the incentive, but we can back up the incentive with crew, with equipment, with actors, that are all here in this room.  So I appreciate you being here in support of this tonight.

I will report back and say wow, what a great turnout at this Film Industry Gala tonight!  Thank you Danny for putting this on and having the Film Commission be part of it. 


Email: info@utahfilmlocations.org

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